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Stud Service Contract 

This is to certify that the stud dog:

_________________________ _____________________________AKC#________________________________

Will be breed to the female:


If Semen is to be shipped it will be shipped overnight when available thru FedEx or UPS.

STUD owner, Will ship one shipment of chilled semen. (Additional semen is available upon request)

Upon notice of first blood the full STUD fee of ____________________________ must be paid immediately.

There is also a 300.00 charge for collection of semen, the supplies used and the cost for semen shipping. (If shipping is needed)


It is critical to every breeding that the owner of the bitch notifies the bulldog STUD owner immediately upon FIRST BLOOD so that all arrangements can be made in a timely manner.

Progesterone testing is advised and can be done at a veterinary clinic to determine the breeding dates.

All fees are payment for stud service (plus artificial insemination if applied) and are not a guarantee of puppies.

If the bitch fails to whelp or whelps fewer than two living puppies at birth, the owner of the female must notify the stud owner not more then 70 days after the last mating to make arrangements for re breed.

Fees for re bread- Any additional fees for shipping semen are to be paid by the bitch owner. (300.00 is due prior to shipping.)

Each female will be artificially inseminated three times during their heat. If additional breeding's are requested there is an additional 100.00 charge for each breeding.

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