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Selective Breeding

When we select the parents of our puppies we make sure they are healthy and well developed dogs. Parents must have a good temperament. We thrive on improving the breed so when the parents are matched up we look at the structure of each dog and the quality they will give to their off spring. We have had years of experience breeding the english bulldog and have been able to produce one of the most desired bulldog. Our dogs arent puppy mill quality. If you are looking for cheap you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for a true bulldog and are willing to pay for what you get you are in the right place

In House Training

English Bulldog Training - 4 Things You Have to Know About English Bulldog Training

By Mikee Dunn

One of the many things I’ve learned throughout my life as a dog trainer and breeder is the intelligence that the English bulldog posses. These are extremely intelligent creatures and are very quick to learn and extra eager to please their owners. It should be said however, that it does take special techniques and the proper knowledge of English bulldog training to get it just right. While there is no possible way to cram everything you need to know about training you’re English bulldog into one small article, here are some basic guidelines to follow by:The first thing you need to know is that the English bulldog is a very smart animal that responds very well to almost any kind of activity that involves him/her having to undergo the problem solving process. However, as smart as this dog is, it does have a tendency to be rather lazy and inactive, so stimulation for this breed needs to occur over a longer period of time in small and short sessions. Anything over 15 minutes and you’re English bulldog will probably get too bored and simply walk off. The second thing you need to note is that because of the English bulldog’s tendency to be on the lazy and cozy side of things, it is not a very physically active dog, even though its build might make it appear to be. Of course it is still very important that you throughout the life of the dog, small exercise sessions are put into the English bulldog training routine. This is not just so the dog can expel energy and become more focused for training sessions, but for the dog’s health as well. Thirdly, the English bulldog while lazy can have a dominance streak in its personality; this of course needs to be cured. When training an English bulldog, the owner has to be strong and firm, while always avoiding hitting the animal. While these breed doesn’t require an extremely dominate personality in its master, it does need someone who is at least semi-dominate to ensure that the bulldog does not get too out of hand and grows up to be well mannered. The last, but surely far from least English bulldog training principle that needs to be mentioned is that of proper socialization. This is true for any breed of dog, and far too often do I see it never mentioned and left out of a dogs training routine all together. This principle is far too essential to let it go without a second thought. If you do not properly socialize and dog, it will become overly aggressive and protective towards any other animals or strangers outside of the family he/her knows. This is always a bad characteristic in a dog and can sometimes be a dangerous one. Ensure that you’re English bulldog undergoes the correct process for socialization. Again, these are only 4 very important principles out of very many other important English bulldog training principles. It is my very strong professional recommendation that you seek out more information on English bulldog training for you’re pet immediately after this article, there’s no reason to wait. This is far to important of a subject to just let it slide by, you’re pets health and happiness depends on it! English bulldog’s are not the easiest dogs to investigate, good valuable and in depth information can be very scarce. I promise you, based on all my years of experience that if you don’t take the necessary steps to educate yourself on this or any breed, you’ll end up paying the price in the long run, you owe it to yourself and you’re future pet. 

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