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Mindy & Wade

Caroline has exceeded our expectations and the two most beautiful Bulldogs we’ve ever seen and can’t believe they are our fur babies! Our first tri-color is six years old now and we have a beautiful blue tricolor who is two months.

She sent us home with an amazing care package and the quality of her pups are outstanding. They are the most gorgeous marked and behaved puppies with the new one being pad trained already!

She really takes pride in her litters and then producing amazing English Bulldogs.
Thank you so much Caroline!

The Ramirez Family

Caroline with English Bulldogs of Royse Highlands has been nothing but AMAZING!  She's kept in touch and continues to answer any questions we have about our new fur baby.  She is very knowledgeable when it comes to EBs! 
I would highly recommend English Bulldogs of Royse Highlands to anyone who wants to add an EB to their family.

Isacc Barcenas

I HIGHLY recommend Caroline's English Bulldogs of Royse Highlands.

Caroline was with us throughout the whole breeding process, helping us with any and every question we had. Being our first time, we had many questions and worries about our dog and the puppies. Nevertheless, Caroline helped in any way possible!
We decided to breed with Mooch, a stunning, quality, stud that helped us produce 12 PUPPIES !! We were so amazed and excited!!

Thanks to Caroline's friendly care, help, and expertise, the whole process was smooth, even after the puppies were born.
Overall, you will not regret choosing Caroline's English Bulldogs of Royse Highlands!!

Maryinna W.


Caroline of Royse Highlands is absolutely amazing.  She truly cares about her dogs and every single one of her puppies are showered with attention and shown love from the minute they are born. 
Our girl is amazing and perfect for our family.  Caroline kept us
informed the whole time she was growing with lots of pictures and makes sure we had everything we needed to make our girls transition home successful. 

I absolutely recommend her operation and bulldogs to anyone looking to add one of these amazing dogs to their home.

Crystal Foxwell

I found Caroline through a friend of hers on Facebook and was lucky enough to have the pleasure to have the last puppy out of the litter.  He is absolutely adorable. 

Caroline was a blessing to deal with through the buying process and our puppy was happy and healthy when he arrived to us.  She kept us updated and send us pictures daily until we were able to get him.  

I highly recommend her if you're looking for a pup.

Carlos delacruz

I'm been using Caroline for years and I can say she is the best ...always very nice an answering any questions ... she have some of the best bulldogs i ever see  .. She take car her babies well done I can't wait to use her baby again :)

Beki DeLatorre

I just got my sweet Stella on Friday from Caroline. She was easy, knowledgeable and you can tell that she loves and takes good care of the puppies. 
We are all in love with Stella and she is a also a smart girl.  May i add that our Stella is beautiful too. 
I like that Caroline is always available with any questions that you may have too. 
Thank you so much for our new
addition to our family!

Carmen Herbrandson

I just bought a beautiful, white, female bulldog puppy from Caroline. 
What a joy! 
And Caroline was sad to see her go! 
This is a trusted breeder who will help others find the right dog.....and takes good care of the pups she raises!

Brittany Plunkett

Our sweet Dallas is one of the most precious part of our family.  Caroline was there for us when we lost our Diva by tragic accident.
  It was the best experience ever.  We highly recommend them if you are considering purchasing an English Bulldogs.


All I can say I love Caroline she has been a godsend!
  I lost both my babies in 2016! She helped me through the tuff stuff!  I got Penelope and she put up with all my question no matter what ! Even her family was going through hell ! I love I can call or Tex with any problem ! Then we were lucky enough we got Mini Cooper he is Penelope brother Same mom same dad same litter ! They are so fun to have they play 24/7 and never fight ! Cooper also has the best ! We had family visiting and they all wanted to take him home with them ! He is so special ! He bonded instantly with my husband ! It was my husband that lost our last baby ! And he didn't want another baby but Cooper melted his heart in an instant ! I thank Caroline is a go send love her very much for all her help ! She is so knowledgeable about everything! I

Cyndi Minton

We are very thankful for finding Carolyn.  She is top notch and so are her bullies.  She truly does this for the right reasons.  She is professional, caring and knowledgeable about the breed,  I took my baby for his first check up and our vet was very impressed with him. That says a lot and our vet specializes in the english bulldog breed,  I can recommend Carolyn confidently.  Thank you Carolyn we sure are glad we found you.  Keep up the good bully making!

Carlos Delacruz

What I can say that no one have say I use Ms. Caroline twice and I'm 200% Satisfied she is very knowledgeable and helpful thru process thank u and never change ....

Shannon Mckinney

I love that Caroline has "been there" for all of our questions and has been such a tremendous help.  Caroline is very knowledgeable and an outstanding breeder, that actually cares about her clients and puppies.  She has beautiful healthy dogs and puppies.  We highly recommend her!  And will be doing more business in the future with her!  Thank you Caroline!

Gary Carpenter

I started searching for a Bulldog several months ago. Searching on the internet was a little confusing and gave me some second thoughts.  That is, until I found Carlin's website and visited with her on the phone.  Right at first, I could tell she cares much more about the dogs than money, After several phone visits we put a deposit down on a brindle male.  We got our little guy about a week ago and couldn't be more pleased.  He is awesome, very loving yet playful and fun.  This is our first Bulldog but in one week I'm more attached than I ever have been to any other pet.  Caroline is great!! She is a straight shooter and defiantly wants what is best for the puppy and the owner.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to family or friends.  Thanks for all the help Caroline!

Bolin Lenhart

I lost my baby last January!  So I started to look for a new baby ! I contacted Caroline she is amazing !!!! She sent me pics of the litters just about as soon as they were born ! Then I was looking at her family of bully's and I love love the look and colors of Leroy and noggin and ask if she had thought about a litter with them and Noggin doesn't come in to heat till early fall.  That was fine with me ! So in the mean time she has answered a million question every time ! The litter didn't work out but I kept up with her and now I have the beautiful baby bully now ! I also have a great friend ! She even brought Penelope over for a visit so I could meet her before she was old enough to leave mom had a great visit with both ! I don't know of anhy other breeder that would take that kind of time and love ! Thank you ! Still can't wiat to get a puppy from noggin and Leroy !!!

Toni Scarborough

We absolutely couldn't be happier with our new puppy.  We purchased a female that was sired by Royse Highlands Bulldogs.  She is healthy and has good confirmation.  she is the perfect addition to our family.  The quality of the puppies that come from here are just outstanding.  Thank you for our Liberty Bell that was born on July 4th! House name Libbie!

Jonathan Mayers

We have recently been blessed with our newest family member Tug.  He's beautiful fawn who is so loveable and charms the pants off of anyone he comes in contact with me on price so I could afford this happiness.  I endorse her fully and recommend anyone looking for a top notch English bull to use her.

Kelley McClain

We have Maisy from Caroline and we are just thrilled beyond our wildest dreams, Shes smart beautiful, came potty trained as well.

Yolanda Koehler

I am a proud parent of one of Caroline's bulldog puppies. The experience has been great.  Caroline has been a great person to deal with and is very knowledgeable.  The puppy is well adjusted, healthy, and has never missed his family.  I would recommend Caroline to anyone who would like to purchase a puppy.  Thanks for a great experience Caroline!  

Leticia Menoza

So thankful for Bulldogs of Royse Highlands and Caroline S, I got my beautiful J.J. for my kids this Christmas and are so so in love with the quality of pup that she is.  From day 1 Caroline made herself available for any questions, concerns we may have had when we brought J.J. home. And after months,, our Bulldog is beautiful and what every Bulldog should be, the highest quality.  Price was great as well,, this dogs are not cheap and are worth every penny!  I 100% recommend English Bulldogs of Royce Highlands, and am sure i will be buying again soon.


Carolina has helped me so much with Elliott son from the first time he was born until now that his 6 weeks old.  Any question I ask she has an answer I have no Idea how I got lucky meeting lol Thank you Carolina I will definitely do more business with you.



I had an awesome experience with Caroline, she help me and my special Maddie with everything.  This is my first time breeding bull dogs and every question I had Caroline had an answer
I would
definitely recommend her all day long

Yadira & Davin Perez

We used Leroy, Caroline's dog as a stud for our girl.  Since the beginning Caroline was super helpful and always answered our questions.  Caroline is an amazing person to work with and she defiantly knows what she is doing.  We would highly recommend Caroline.  Caroline cares about the health of her dogs and the people's dogs she is working with.

Jane Morales

From the day I reached out to Caroline about my girls first litter to using her stud service she has been amazing since day 1.  She's very well knowledgeable about her dogs and bulldogs in general.  She is a true amazing breeder.  I would always recommend her stud service, and puppies.  I used her boy Leroy my girl was AI by Caroline and is expecting.  I will continue to use Caroline for all stud services and defiantly recommend her to anyone seeking quality studs and puppies.


I got Elvis from Caroline about a year and a half ago.  Perfect temperament and zero health problems.  Caroline has always been there to answer any questions that I've had.  If you are looking for an awesome dog, I would start here.

Kody & Morgan Daws

We recently got 2 fur babies from Caroline.  I just want to express how awesome Caroline is to work with!  She is a very kind hearted woman.  These Bulldogs so sweet as a matter of fact they areSleeping in bed with me right now :) We have bonded very well, great dogs and awesome disposition!

Sara Pace

My husband has wanted a bulldog name Balboa since he was about 8 years old.  Thanks to Caroline, we now have the sweetest, smartest, and cutest addition to our family.  Our 2 year old daughter loves her new little "brother".  Thank you for filling our Christmas with some extra furry joy.  I have a feeling this isn't the last you have heard from us!!

Melissa Brown

I first contacted Caroline in Feb. 2014.  My female was not yet ready to breed but I had so many questions as I am new to this.  She was extremely helpful and always there to help if I needed it.  From the stud service and process, to answering questions I had when my girl had her puppies.  We are now coming up on the second time we will be using her stud service and I am excited to use her services again!  Last liter we had 5 beautiful healthy puppies and don't expect any less from her studs.  Great service and great prices!! Thank you Caroline for all your help and support with Adele.

Vijay and Nancy Potoumuthu

We had our girl Dotti bred with Bentley so we could have a puppy and friend for Dotti, We have never had any experience with breeding and had a million questions.  Caroline is an amazing lady.  She helped us so much with all our questions and concerns and even recommended a vet who is knowledgeable.  she went far above what we expected and we truly appreciate that.  We always felt comfortable with her and know that she cares very much about her animals and customers.  The puppies are beautiful and healthy.  Thanks so much Caroline!

Jim and Amy Matthews

Levi is our second bulldog from Caroline to join our family.  We would not purchase a bulldog from anyone else!  Caroline makes sure every bully she sells is a happy, healthy dog.  Levi and Tuck are the most precious dogs we have ever had and wonderful additions to our family.

Brittany Byars

I am so glad that I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline.  My little Hemi is the perfect pup for my husband and I.  He has a perfect temperament and is in great health.  He is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to see how beautiful he will be as an adult!  Thank you for this blessing of a pup Caroline!

Bill Fowler

I am so happy with my new little boy Bam Bam.  He is in excellent health and has a wonderful personality.  Caroline's bulldogs are top quality and exhibit all the best characteristics of the breed.

Enrique Martinez

I known Caroline for a few years and she's always been very nice, helpful and knowledgeable about her bullies.  About 3 months ago, my English bulldog female "lola came in heat, and decided that Bentley was a perfect match for lola, needless to say 3 months later I'm very happy with the results, nine beautiful puppies, that's right 9, one month old healthy pup's thank you Caroline

Dewayne and Peggy Gentzel

We found Caroline almost 6 months ago after losing our Bully- Matilda in April 2013.  Not sure if we were ready yet, we stayed in touch.  Wehn the puppies came it was time to get a new fur baby.  We chose the one we named Gucci.  She has come into a loving family that even comes with her very own set of Godparents. Thank you for all that you have done, with pics and videos of our baby.  Thank you isn't enough.

LAretha Pettway

My husband and I were looking for local breeders in Dallas for our Dam's first breeding and so I googled "bulldog breeders" and came across Caroline's website.  My husband and I agreed to go and check out Caroline's stud dogs in hopes of finding a suitor for our Dam.  We ended up going with GUS, which we are SUPER pleased with the end results.  We took our dam out to Caroline's house for the AI and ended up with 8 beautiful puppies born just last Friday.  Throughout the process Caroline has been super helpful!  She is always available to help answer questions and give advice.  She is very knowledgeable about the breed and is the sweetest person ever! We would definitely recommend Caroline and her stud dogs to anyone looking for a stud.  (She has bulldog puppies too)  Thank you Caroline for making our family EB breeding a very pleasant one!  We will defiantly return in the future!

Nicole Foley

I happened to run across Caroline on a fb bulldog group and fell in love with her Bentley Blue!  Even though she was in Texas and myself in Alabama she told me there would be no problem using her stud.  The first breeding we did did not take not to any fault of Carolines my timing was off.  She stayed in touch with me and honored her word that she guarantees a litter!  6 months later we were back at it!  The shipped semen had great motility and my girl got pregnant!  Not only did she keep her word but she has been there for me with any questions I have had!  She is just an all around Awesome lady to do business with!  We will definitely use her studs again!!!  

Jennica Allen

I am so grateful to have found Caroline.  I don't know of any other breeder that would go above and beyond like she does.  Caroline stands by her word and her beautiful dogs.  Thank Caroline for being such a amazing person :)

Derrick Belton

Ms Carolyn is the absolute best there is!  I met her via email a few years ago and we did business and become good friends since then.  I still do business with her to this day and I send a lot of people to get for great services.  If you are looking for great studs, puppies or AI services this is the person to come to.  Although she is very good at the business, she's a all around great person.

Enrique Martinez

This is one of the many times that I have used Ms Caroline services, I can say that everytime I been very satisfied, this time I used Bentley for my femail lola, and the results was 9 puppies, which they are 7 weeks old, all healthy.  She was very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Tiffany White

I used Caroline's stud Bently in Nov., she was beyond amazing!!  I dropped my female off she kept her 3 days and took care of everything for me.  We had 4 healthy pups Jan. 28!!! Amazing quality, structure and temperament on all of her dogs!  Caroline was there to help me through everything, she is knowledgeable and and outstanding breeder!  I will defiantly be using her guys again in the future!! 

Melissa Brown

I have used Caroline for stud service 3 times now.  She has always been extremely helpful with information and resources at any time of day or night.  She is patient and caring for both the breed and her customers.  I wouldn't use anyone else, not to mention the great sized beautiful liters her studs produce!  If your looking for a stud- LOOK NO MORE!!

Tina Flores

If you're looking for a stud, don't look any further.  Caroline has been awesome.  I'm a 1st time breeder, Lola is 3 yrs old and finally decided to proceed and have always kept up with Caroline's website and with all the positive reviews, I knew she would be the one.  Caroline has always responded to my questions and the next round I will be returning to this breed.  She was flexible with our visits with Bently to service Lola.  Caroline you get 10 starts.  My litter of 6 couldn't be any healthier, per Dr. Everhart.  Caroline has the resources and contacts for all of your needs, vet, nanny, feed and knowledge of this loving breed.  Last but not least, the daddy, Bentley.  Good job Bent! :) 

Gary Elmore

This is our second time to use Caroline and her studs to breed our sweet SaraBeth.  Just like the first time Caroline answered all my questions and was very flexible with her schedule to accommodate our schedule.  Sara had 4 beautiful pups this time and had 6 the first time.  We couldn't be more happy with the professionalism and service we got from Caroline and her Babies.
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